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Don’t retire. Become REPURPOSED.

Repurposed University is a five-lesson video-based course designed to bridge the gap between your working years into a purposeful and impactful retirement. This isn’t simple goal-setting or charting an entirely new reason for living. Instead, it’s designed to help you see the continuation of the abilities and passions you’ve developed and pursued during your working years.

Repurposed University Course Materials
What’s included:
  • Five Repurposed video lessons
  • Interactive Repurposed workbook with exercises
  • Exclusive online access to
  • Copy of “Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America”
Repurposed University Course Materials

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Lesson 1

Your Retirement Mindset

In the first lesson, we will ask you to both assess your retirement readiness and begin thinking about what retirement means to you. This lesson will encourage you to look at your retirement in a way you never have before. On the next page are keywords and phrases that will help you compare and contrast elements of a retirement that is not well thought out and one that is intentionally planned and prepared for. In this lesson and video we want you to begin thinking about the difference between being retired and being Repurposed.

Benefits of Retiring with Purpose

Lesson 2

Your Repurpose

  • Lesson 2

    Your Repurpose

Here is a diagram that highlights the key areas of your working years that we will reflect and focus on throughout the exercises in this lesson. The exercises that follow will focus on the key areas of Experience, Abilities, Passion, and Who you are adding value to.

Lesson 3

Your Relationships

Through the exercises in this lesson and video, you will consider your relational health in five areas. Each area is part of a larger whole, yet represents a distinct facet of your relational picture. Below is a model that we will follow in this lesson where each section works closer and more intimate, ultimately ending with our most important relationship with God.

Lesson 4

Your Physical Health

In this lesson, you will lay the groundwork for your health by focusing on three areas: Awareness, Commitment, and Support. As the following diagram shows, these areas will fuel your Repurposed Health.

Lesson 5

Your Legacy

In this lesson, you will reflect upon and shape your legacy through a three-part process: Who, What, and Why. You will consider who you want to leave an impact on, what you hope your final legacy impact will be, and finally, why you want to leave this impact on them.

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Repurposed University Course Materials


Repurposed University Course Materials


Repurposed University Course Materials