Start Retirement Right: Know Thy Self

There’s no one-size-fits-all equation for a great retirement. Everyone has been created differently and owns a unique set of life experiences molding each individual. Let’s start 2023 with the importance of truly knowing ourselves and our unique personalities. Inside are links to the 4 Animals Personality Test developed by Dr. John Trent.

Once you take the test and identify your personality type, check out the research below. We collaborated with personality test experts to develop research specifically designed for retirees.

Take a look.

The Lion: View of Retirement

Let’s get something done: Lions view retirement as another project to currently conquer. A key need resides in making sure there is a plan to follow (the best plan is of course their design in the moment) while avoiding things that do not have a quick or lasting pay off. No matter what one does (“relaxing or working”) there should be a clear sense of effectiveness because things were done efficiently (we do not want to waste any time).

The Otter: View of Retirement

New Adventure: Otters view retirement optimistically as the next great adventure. They however do not do well in planning how it will unfold, rather they want adventure with plenty of room for going all around everywhere while avoiding boredom (each has their own definition). Adventure should have room for spontaneity since retirement should never be caught in the chains of routine dullness. Adventure for the Otter thrives on retirement’s freedom for the next change of venue and the natural intersections to meet people. For the Otter this increases sense of how to bring a good closure to Life.

The Golden Retriever: View of Retirement

Consistency is Vital: Retirement is scary because there are potentially too many unknowns that disrupt consistency. Golden Retrievers have a key need going into retirement a few close friends with similar personalities to support each other. Likewise, knowing who can be consistent with sound advice will reduce the anxiety, create a safe place, and give hope with all the changes while growing older.

The Beaver: View of Retirement

Did I think of everything: Beavers plan for retirement often much ahead of everyone else. They begin with deliberate nest-egging for it, but as retirement draws closer, they will be single focused, doing research and spending adequate time thinking about many questions. Beavers desire to be well planned to make sure that they do not overlook anything important. People are helpful when they help ask good questions and then allow the Beaver time for analysis.

Jerrid Sebesta

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed, LLC

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed Jerrid Sebesta