Start Retirement Right: Know Thy Self

There’s no one-size-fits-all equation for a great retirement. Everyone has been created differently and owns a unique set of life experiences molding each individual. Let’s start 2023 with the importance of truly knowing ourselves and our unique personalities. Inside are links to the 4 Animals Personality Test developed by Dr. John Trent.

Are You Winning in Retirement?

Retirement has never been a game of winning or losing. However, in less than 80 years clear characteristics of winning in retirement have emerged in modern society – having a sizable nest egg and the ability to do whatever you want. However, is this truly winning or is it a curse?

How to Make Time Your Greatest Asset in Retirement

Time will either be your greatest asset or your greatest enemy in retirement. Spent wisely, time opens the door for you to walk into the fullness of how you were uniquely created. However, time spent unwisely may produce idleness, bad habits, or feelings of displeasure and discontent.

Indefiniteness of Purpose is a Bigger Deal Than You Thought

Traditional American retirement can be boiled down into two conversations: money and leisure. I challenge you to Google the word “retirement” and NOT find an article, blog or group either talking about finances or how to enjoy newfound freedom devoid of work. One of the foundational problems with conventional retirement wisdom is that it doesn’t address how or why to live with definiteness of purpose.

Are You Doing Retirement the “Old Way?”

Even though modern-day retirement has been around for less than a century, the way of preparing for and living-out retirement is already deeply ingrained in our society. Everyone, including Baby Boomers, know nothing other than the “old way” of retirement planning. While traditional methods of retirement planning have good intentions, they actually perpetuate a massive problem for retirees.

Dangers of Not Retiring Repurposed: Over-Thinking and Worry

Most people think when retirement comes, worries disappear and relaxation, including mental relaxation, begins. Not always the case. If a retiree’s mindset is not properly focused, this season of life can quickly be overshadowed by the burden of constant worry and over-thinking making daily life a nightmare.

Dangers of the “I’ll-Figure-it-Out Retirement”

Repurposed resonates with high-achievers. They are people that are successful, used to solving problems and “figuring it out.” However, winning at your work or business does not automatically mean you’ll win in retirement. Being resourceful is a good thing, but trying to figure everything out on your own is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to retirement.

Uniquely Solving the World’s Problems

Every retiree has an incredible opportunity to uniquely help others due to their combination of talents and life experiences. The process starts with identifying your Repurpose which will help you recognize the specific problems you can uniquely solve to impact people, the world and the Kingdom.

The Gift of Certainty in an Uncertain World

We are living in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. However, the more uncertain the world, the more people need your help to solve problems. You have a larger opportunity to help people than ever before – to give the gift of certainty in an uncertain world.