Discovering Your Retirement Assignment

assignment and that doesn’t end once you retire. Pastor and Life Coach, Brad Keller, sheds light on some crucial truths regarding retirement. He also poses three questions to ask yourself which will give you clues to finding your new retirement assignment.

Retirement is the Time for Convergence

Recently I had the honor of sitting down with Brad Keller. Brad is the Senior Pastor of The Harbor in Spicer, MN. He is also a professional Life Coach from Transformation Leadership Coaching International. Brad’s passion is to raise up leaders and empower them by helping them discover their unique gifts, talents, skills and experiences. In our chat, Brad describes how retirees’ lives should be converging on an even greater purpose and assignment.

Operating Systems: The Power of Be

Operating from a place of being is powerful and will radically change the way you function. Many retirees underestimate the importance of this season of life. Retirement is the time to fully become who God created you to be. The good news is you have the ability to choose the system by which you operate.

What Operating System Are You Choosing?

Your operating system is more than a mindset or worldview. It’s a foundational way at which you function, look at life, and solve problems. Choosing an empowering operating system sets the stage for you to walk into God’s fullness and live with purpose in retirement.

Retirement is Neither a Beginning or an End

Oftentimes, people look at retirement as a beginning where freedom, leisure and life intersect. Others view retirement as the beginning of the end – the end of purpose and adding value. The truth is neither of these mindsets are correct.

Don’t Live in Life-Deferral Mode

Too many times, people have a “someday” mentality, especially when it comes to retirement. Due to societal changes, retirement has become a destination where life begins – not the case! There are three things you need to understand so you don’t defer life until retirement.

What’s Your Assignment?

Everyone from birth has an assignment unique to you and you only. The assignment is ongoing and doesn’t stop until death. Furthermore, all of us have a special ability to solve problems. God plants a gift inside of us – and when we operate inside that gift, purpose and impact are a result.

Answering Life’s Biggest Question in Four Words

Many of you have read the book, The Purpose-Driven Life, by Rick Warren. The subtitle is “What on Earth Am I Here For?” This is a question that has plagued mankind for thousands of years. It’s the question of all questions. Even with the magnitude of this inquiry, Rick Warren manages to answer it in the very first line of the book – in only four words.

Discovering Repurpose: The Secret Sauce

Honing-in on your Repurpose is a multistep process which involves lots of self-reflection. One of these steps is discovering your “secret sauce” or passion. Re-engaging with you passions is not only important, but energizing in the context of retirement.