Discovering Repurpose: The Secret Sauce

Honing-in on your Repurpose is a multistep process which involves lots of self-reflection. One of these steps is discovering your “secret sauce” or passion. Re-engaging with your passions is not only important, but energizing in the context of retirement.

Finding or Re-Finding Your Passion

Think about it – as a retiree, you now enter a season of life where you can focus only on the things that excite you. Passion is the place you feel truly alive and invigorated. Consider these questions:

*What sets your heart on fire?

*Where are you anointed?

*What’s the thing/idea/activity you just can’t get away from?

*What is something you love to talk about?

*What’s a reoccurring theme you’re drawn to in life?

The Connection Between Passion and Happiness

Living life in accordance to our passions is what makes us happy. Isn’t happiness what we’re striving for, especially in retirement? Here’s another thought to consider.

Currently, I’m reading the book, The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. In Chapter 4, Ferriss talks about the proverbial question, “What do you want?” Most people’s answer involves something about happiness. He says there’s a more precise alternative that reflects the actual objective of that answer.

“Bear with me. What is the opposite of happiness? Sadness. No. Just as love and hate are two sides of the same coin, so are happiness and sadness. Crying out of happiness is a perfect illustration of this. The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is – here’s the clincher – boredom.

Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is a cure-all. When people suggest you follow your ‘passion’ or your ‘bliss,” I propose that they are, in fact, referring to the same singular concept: excitement.” (The 4-Hour Workweek, page 51)

Passion truly is the “secret sauce” that will make your life….exciting!

Find it.

Re-find it.

Re-engage with it.

…and, better yet, use it to impact others.

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Jerrid Sebesta

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed Jerrid Sebesta