Uniquely Solving the World’s Problems

Every retiree has an incredible opportunity to uniquely help others due to their combination of talents and life experiences. The process starts with identifying your Repurpose which will help you recognize the specific problems you can uniquely solve to impact people, the world and the Kingdom.

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Find and define your Repurpose: Retirement is the time to methodically reflect upon and discover how your life has led you to your Repurpose. The Repurposed process in Repurposed University entails changing your retirement mindset, defining your Repurpose, understanding your new relational ecosystem, updating your Repurposed physical health, and building on your legacy.

Apply your Repurpose to a problem: Now it’s time to put that Repurpose to use. Think about problems you can possibly solve. How can you utilize your skills, talents and life experiences (including the most painful experiences) to resolve other people’s problems?

Understand you have a unique solution: Not only do you have a unique Repurpose, you have a new retirement assignment that is connected directly to a unique solution. Problems exist out there only you can solve.

Realize impact is the goal: Significance and honor are the longings of a retiree’s heart. Impacting others gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Living with purpose and impact deliver the highest return-on-investment to the retiree. Retirement should be the crescendo of your life both from a fulfillment perspective but also on the people impact.

Go. Solve. Problems.

Jerrid Sebesta

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed Jerrid Sebesta