Discovering Repurpose: Knowing Your Abilities

Oftentimes, people think they can simply walk away from using their abilities in retirement and not miss them. Just like in your working years, you will be most fulfilled when recognizing and operating in your abilities. Your abilities are a combination of natural talents and acquired skills; identifying them is an important step to discovering your Repurpose. Our skills and talents are often confused as being the same, but there are key differences.

In simple terms, talents are what we recognize as coming naturally to us, our God-given abilities. Individuals who hone in on their natural talents and utilize them in their career tend to be successful and enjoy their work. Our skills, on the other hand, are things we have learned or have been trained to do. We often learn skills through our education, job, or the activities in which we are involved.

Identifying talents:

What things do you naturally do well?

What have others told you that you do well or excel at?

Are there talents you have that you did not get to use in your career? Or any you never utilized outside of the workplace?

Identifying skills:

In your work or at home, what skills have you acquired?

What skills do you thoroughly enjoy using during your free time?

Are there any skills you’ve learned that you do not care for? For example, they may be things you are/were required to do for work and never fully enjoyed.

Are there any skills that you have always been intrigued by but have not had the time to work on?

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Jerrid Sebesta

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed

Co-Founder of Retire Repurposed Jerrid Sebesta